The Big Hurt: The miracle of Japanese Wikipedia

The miracle of Japanese
By DAVID THORPE  |  February 8, 2012


In a break from my usual bad-jokes format, I bring you something so strange and wonderful that I just had to share it with the world. For years, I've been cobbling together my music knowledge from scattered sources: books, magazines, dozens of Web sites, and even, in a pinch, disreputable publications like this one.

Now I've discovered a single source for all the information I could ever need: Japanese Wikipedia. Since Google Chrome automatically translates all the text, I can look up any artist and find a wealth of superior info. Below are actual translations, unaltered in their splendor.

ON VAN HALEN'S LEGENDARY "ORIGINAL VOCALIST," THE RED ROCKER | Samiheiga (Sammy Hagar) the United States of rock musician (guitarist-singer-songwriter-composer) is. Van Halen's original vocalist. His real name is Samuel Roy Hagar (Samuel Roy Hay guard). California Monterey born. 1949 There is also a theory of life.

ON MICHAEL JACKSON'S CONTROVERSIAL LYRICS, AND HIS DEATH | 1996 In April, "They Do not Care About Us" single cut. However, not criticism or antisemitism as part of the lyrics, Michael is in itself anti-Semitic and that was no excuse. 2009 June 25, near his home at UCLA are transported to medical centers in the state of respiratory arrest, was subsequently confirmed dead. 50 deaths. Height 175cm.

ON THE PHENOMENAL COMMERCIAL SUCCESS OF THE WALLFLOWERS | T-Bone Burnett produced album was produced in 1996 in Bringing Down the Horse is to "6th Avenue Heartache" and "One Headlight" and other songs are included, sold more than 600 million copies worldwide.

ON THE TRAGIC UPBRINGING OF STEVE PERRY| Steve Perry is American of singers and musicians. California native based in Portugal, my father grew up familiar with the divorce of parents because it was picked up by music and musicians after the divorce of his parents and his mother is singer with deep scars remained on his mind.

AN ABRIDGED SOLO DISCOGRAPHY OF MORRISSEY| FBibaheito (Viva Hate) FKiruankuru (Kill Uncle) FJazz Maroua gated (Maladjusted)FMatters of the Tomen Ring Leader (Ringleader of the Tormentors)FAubry Few Years monkey (Years of Refusal)

ON THE SUPERNATURAL AUTHORSHIP OF PUFF DADDY'S LYRICS | 2006, rumors for some time, finds himself the facts alleged ghost of rap has been criticized. Thus, 5th album "Press Play" revealed that the ghost was due to wrap up most of the songs.

ON THE SUCCESS AND PERSONAL WISDOM OF KID ROCK | There was also a popular rap-metal album "Devil Without a Cause" and a big hit over 10 million, was the top singer in a twinkling. There are more than 10 years of independent history until this hit, which is famous as a worldly-wise man.

ON THE RELATIONSHIPS OF BRITNEY SPEARS| 2000 N Sync's Justin Timberlake have intercourse with, catastrophe. In January 2004, January 4, according to the Hollywood News Wire Nevada Las Vegas and even married Jason Alexander in a drunken momentum in childhood, 55 hours after the change of mind to immediately apply for a valid marriage, a divorce caused an uproar.

ON JOHN DENVER'S REAL NAME | John Denver (John Denver, 1943 December 31–1997 October 12), the United States of singer-songwriter. His real name is John Henry Dolph Düsseldorf Junior Chamber.

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