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Q&A #7: At-Large Looms Large

"Anonymous" asks via stealthy, identity-masking email:

What's your take on the at-large race? Clearly, Connolly has the money and Arroyo appears to be strong in that department as well. Flaherty is finally in full campaign mode...who tops the ticket? Who's the one left out? And do you think topping the ticket is really that important for Connolly or any of the other mayoral hopefuls?

Ah, yes. The at-large race. A guarantee of angry calls no matter what I say on this one.

Well, let's start with the last question first. Topping the ticket is very important in helping John Connolly, or any other mayoral prospect, get above the 40% mark when Tom Menino beats him.

If I have to make a prediction today -- and obviously I do, because I stupidly decided to have Ask Me Anything Day -- I would give the order of finish as 1) John Connolly 2) Felix Arroyo 3) Michael Flaherty 4) Steve Murphy 5) Ayanna Pressley 6) Sean Ryan 7) Will Dorcena.

And by the way, you're right that Arroyo is showing some impressive fundraising; Pressley's really upped her game as well, and I think she's getting more good buzz as a 'women's candidate' than I've seen for anyone in the city in a long time, if ever.

This is seriously a battle of five heavyweights, and almost any of them could finish in almost any position from first to fifth. Makes you kinda wish we had Intrade for Boston races, huh?

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  • Ryan said:

    Will Ayanna move back to Chicago or Washington, DC to work for her old boss - "Live Shot" Kerry?

    September 23, 2011 2:36 PM
  • Johnny said:

    Agreed:  Ayanna's a-gone-a.

    September 24, 2011 3:30 PM

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