Ask Deval Anything!

I have been invited to interview Governor Deval Patrick tomorrow, in a series of 15-minute "exclusives" he's giving to community papers in advance of his inauguration. He wants to talk about his goals for his second term, as well as lessons he's learned from the first.

Well, I'm turning the floor over to you -- what would you like to ask the governor?

Submit your questions as comments to this post. I will pick three to take directly to Patrick. (I may post a list of finalists and let you vote, depending on how many I get and whether time permits.)

You've never been shy about hitting me with questions for Ask Me Anything Day, so I have no doubt you'll come through with some good queries for the governor. If you'd prefer, you can email your question to me at dbernstein[a]

I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

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