Meet the Mayor: Andrew Square House of Pizza

Welcome to "Meet the Mayor," a segment in which we interview local Foursquare Mayors in their natural habitats.

Andrew Square House of Pizza
Kurt Villon

If the Irish had invented pizza, what would be on it?
I think you'd have to go with potatoes. . . . Maybe corned beef and potatoes. I don't know if cabbage would go well on pizza, but corned beef and mashed potatoes would actually be kind of delicious.

Saint Patrick is famous for getting all the snakes out of Ireland. If Boston became overridden with snakes, how would you dispose of them?
Maybe have another great molasses flood?

Remember that Simpsons episode when Barry White and Lisa used music to control snakes? Your band Young Adults could do something like that.
I never thought about that. We are incredibly loud, so that could definitely work. Maybe they could put us on a Saint Patrick's Day float, and we'd push the snakes into the harbor.

You're confirming that your band can charm snakes?
Maybe not charm, but drive them away.

Samuel L. Jackson got all those snakes off of that plane. Why doesn't he have his own holiday?
That's a good question. . . . Maybe in some small underground world, he already does have his own holiday. We've just got to do some research to see if it exists.

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