You're Doing It Wrong: Sexy Pics

Still shamelessly snapping iPhone selfies of your #KillerAbs in public-bathroom mirrors? It may be time for professional help. Lara Woolfson and Kate Harper of Waltham's Studio Nouveau let locals unleash their inner bombshells through sexy boudoir photography (as shown above). And photographer Ryuji Suzuki of Boston's Beaupix has a growing business taking online-dating profile pics for clients. Post-Valentine's Day is prime time for both studios, but they found time to share some tips to help us newbs get ready for our close-ups.

ON STRIPPING DOWN: Prepare for some nerves - but don't let them stop you, says Woolfson. "Everybody is nervous; there are no two ways around it. Everyone on our team, including hair and makeup and assistants, have had boudoir shoots of their own, so we all know how nerve-racking it is at first. Once we've started shooting, we show the client a few photos right away. Nerves are immediately calmed when they think ‘Damn, is that me?!' - we hear that all the time! Champagne also helps."

ON WHAT TO WEAR: "We've had everything from Red Sox hats to guitars, feathers, and whips. The more personal, the better!" Woolfson says. "The most flattering choice is a corset. It streamlines a waistline and creates or accentuates a great bosom. But try to avoid too-tight underwear. Not even Kate Moss can pull that off!"

ON WORKING IT: "Good posture can knock off 15 pounds. (This applies to everyday life, too!) And I always remind clients about perspective: what is closer to my lens appears bigger, and what is further away appears smaller," says Woolfson. "I encourage the ladies to push their hips back and bring ‘the girls' forward. We replicate a lot of pin-up retro looks - those curvy women really knew how to work it!"

ON PROFILE-PIC DON'TS: "A lot of people choose photos that don't make a great first impression," says Suzuki. "Embarrassing party pictures, pictures with an ex with their faces partially cropped out, a close-up of a body part, a ‘mysterious' photo . . . there's no end to this list."

ON SETTING THE RIGHT TONE: "If a photo is just about a sexy body or a pretty face, your inbox will be flooded with annoying - and inappropriate - messages," Suzuki says. "Another no-no: scanning your school or company ID, or posting a corporate headshot."

ON EXPRESSING YOURSELF: "Make sure your profile photo really reflects who you are," says Suzuki. "I always speak with clients beforehand to get a sense of their personalities, and then make suggestions for background and ambiance: trees or the ocean for someone outdoorsy, artwork or modern architecture for art lovers, bookshelves for avid readers. If you like animals, bring your four-legged friend along for the portrait! Even subtle visual codes like these can define a target audience more specifically and help attract interest from the right matches."

BEAUPIX STUDIO, 15 Channel Center St, Boston :: 617.440.4676 or

STUDIO NOUVEAU, 681 Main Street Suite #323, Waltham :: 617.855.5272 or
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