LiveChat: Mad Men, s04e06, "Waldorf Stories"


Two random notes on last night's Mad Men. Above and center is Danny Strong, the guy who played the young SCDP job applicant who was so pivotal to last night's episode, back when he was on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Surely there has been another Whedon-verse actor on Mad Men at some point besides just him and Vincent Kartheiser, no? Nobody is coming to mind, though it should be noted that former Buffy writer Marti Noxon also wrote for this show. 

Next, for those upset over Bryan Cranston's stranglehold on the Best Actor in a Drama Emmy, consider a few things: first of all, the Emmys are silly. Second of all, Bryan Cranston is awesome and so is Breaking Bad. But third, the fourth and possibly final season of Breaking Bad will not be eligible for next year's awards. So Jon Hamm will have his chance then.

Finally, come by around 12:30 to discuss last night's episode, the latest in what's becoming a very good but very squirmy season. 

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