HighSpace: social networking for stoners (and perhaps some more adventurous Yelpers)

Forget four-square. In fact, forget Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Friendster (does that even still exist?) and every other Internet time-suck you spend the bulk of your work day (ahem, er, weekend) perusing. Some enterprising marijuana-gourmand found a moment for some good-old fashioned productivity (hear that, naysayers?) in the midst of all that toking and created this site. is sort of like Foursquare for potheads. The home page is fashioned to look quite a bit like the social city guide's, which might render it NSFW (though we're not making any promises) and it is just as easy to navigate.

Here's the premise: Just as you'd log on to Foursquare or Yelp to find the best restaurant in the area to suit your culinary desires, users can log on to to check out what strains and varieties of weed are best suited to their own personal highs. Clever, no? We explored the site (strictly in the name of journalistic pursuits, of course) and found out there are a whole lot of different factors that go into picking the right variety of the sticky icky. Turns out it's a bit more intensive than asking your friend Dave to ask his friend whose name you can never remember if he can score you some of whatever he's got rolling around in the glove compartment of his Yaris. For one example.

Users can browse by "Effect" (drowsy, giggly, tingly, hungry, etc;) "Medical Use" (anxiety, stress, lack of appetite, even PMS) or desired "Activity" (going to a party, exploring the great outdoors, meditating, creating art, and more.) Select your criteria and a whole world of options unfolds. Varieties of the herbal remedy range from "Ed Rosenthal the Super Bud" to "Romping Goddess" to "Super Sour Diesel"...all of which have been sorted by overall user rating (10 being the highest) as well as effects and best situational usage. This shit is organized. And helpful. What's more, active users can earn "badges" and other such social media accouterments for completing different weed-inspired activities and trying different strains. It's like becoming the foursquare "Mayor" of that divey pizza place on your corner...but more fun. 

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