Weekend in review: Obama rips Coakley, Scott Brown admits larceny, and Talk Soup finds the best-hung weatherman in Boston

Finally: the ass-kicking MARTHA COAKLEY deserves. Delivered not by any actual Democrats, but by Fred Armisen's BARACK OBAMA on Saturday Night Live. Worst. Candidate. Ever. And that  "couldn't beat Dick Cheney for mayor of Berkeley" joke reads uncannily like our election-night Facebook update. Can we get a "Shame on you, Martha Coakley" ring-tone rip?

JAY LENO has been tacking right since before he took on prime-time duties -- perhaps the only under-discussed element of the Leno/Conan/NBC farce is the question of whether Jay will finally give the Republicans a foothold in late-night. The boot-licking "10 and 10" segment he gave SCOTT BROWN on Thursday kicked off with Leno remembering Brown's dad selling insurance, and got only snoozier from there. The only news: Scott Brown cops to shoplifting records when he was a teenager. On a scale of one to ten, Scott Brown's role-model rating is somewhere around a Pee Wee Herman.

If you thought big-dig jokes couldn't get any worse than the one Leno told during the Scott Brown interview (see above), then you missed Channel 7 weatherman PETE BOUCHARD's snowfall-related blooper from last week, which is already the stuff of local legend. His "almost as big as me" clip has already spawned YouTube parody videos, but the original got a national audience when E! picked it up for TALK SOUP. If Twitter is any indication, Pete's never gonna live this one down. If you haven't seen it, click above.
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