After Celtics OT win over Bulls, Big Baby credits "free will" over "faith"

There is no more ubiquitous cliche in professional sports than the post-game shout-out to God. Our winners always seem to walk with Jesus. Which is why the most astonishing moment of the Celtics devastating OT victory over the Bulls in Game 5 may have come after Rajon Rondo knocked Brad Miller's toof out. Both teams had left the floor, and in the Celtics locker room, Glen "Big Baby" Davis had a bouquet of microphones up in his grill. Somone asked him a typically innocuous postgame question, essentially a more polite version of "Hey, how come you guys decided to play defense in the last five minutes of regulation?"

"That's what we pride ourselves on is defense," Big Baby began, innocently enough. "That's definitely the true heart of a champion. Going out there and taking control of everything. Not worrying about faith. Using free will and taking and grabbing what you want. And that's what we did tonight."

An athlete crediting free will over predeterminist faith? In the outcome of a sporting event?

Whoa. That's like an intellectual and-one, bitches.

Also deserving of a shout-out: the Celtics new-media look. The regulars from and the WEEI dudes have been ganging up on the in-game liveblog (using the same coveritlive package that people like and the Telegraph UK favor. And they're Twittering like fiends over there -- picking up the slack since The Truth began laying off the Tweets a few weeks back. Now if we could just figure out why we can't embed the highlight vids on our site.

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