Must Have Been a Borough Edition

As Obama continues his pattern of reversing at least one atrocious Bush policy per day, I'm reminded of those old movies where the scandal is finally revealed, the unjustly accused finally freed, or the ogre is brought to his knees, and the filmmaker marked the transition with swirling string music, shots of daily newspaper presses in overdrive, bundles of Extra Editions being tossed onto dawn-lit sidewalks out of the backs of delivery trucks, and (ultimately, always) a spinning page one that freezes so the audience can read the revelatory headline. 

Just a thought. The above is a Front Page We'd Really Like To See. I missed this particular edition of the Times, but as my buddy Dan Kennedy points out, it proves that the New York print media  had a liberal bias all along.
The headlines (in case you can't read the print on screen) are (Clockwise from upper left)
"President Seen as Moron to Some, Cretin to Others,"
"Nation's First Two-Term Chimp Steps Down: Dumb as a Box of Hammers: Imbecilic Fuckwad Oblivious to Wreckage in His Wake,"
"Privileged Ass Clown Bids Adieu, Fills Pants: Media, Journalists Kiss His Ass to the End"
and "National Nightmare Is Over: Dipshit Returns to Private Life."
Thanks to whoever created this wonderful souvenir.

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