Rahmbo @#$% speaks!

Not quite sure why this was axed from SNL on Saturday, because it's the funniest thing they've written since the election.

Now that's some @#$% change we can believe in.

Maybe Mr. Emanuel can pay a visit to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and kindly request that George Bush either do some @#$% governing over these next couple months, or else step aside and let the President Elect take the reigns? Because I like the new economic team, but I'm sorta starting to worry that by January 20 things'll be so @#$% that all the exactingly competent pragmatic centrist brainiacs in the world won't be able to help us.

In other news: Much as I love Fred Armisen, I have to concur that a new Barack audition is perhaps a wise move.

(In the mean time, could the SNL writers please give Chris Eliott's daughter a couple lines, instead of relegating her to extra status?)

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