Some of Us Will Be Voting Yes on 3


The Phoenix came out against Question 3 in this week's editorial, but I have to respectfully disagree with their opinion. I wrote about the issue back in July and I still maintain the position to vote yes. (I thank the Phoenix for letting me voice an opinion that conflicts with that of the editorial.) If there's one point that should be made, it's that voting Yes will NOT cause people to lose their jobs on November 5, the reason why I've seen message boards with this "ur a crazy PETA freak" and "if you vote yes on 3 you care more about animals than people" bullhonkey. The tracks won't close until January 1, 2010 so there will be ample time for the workers to find new jobs, and let's hope some new (blue) blood in the White House will rejuvenate the economy and make things easier for them. Make an intelligent and humane decison on Tuesday: vote Yes on 3.

Websites on both sides of the issue:


Interview with Massasoit Greyhound Association president George Carney


Committee to Protect Dogs


 Happy voting! 

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