Their Cupola Runneth Over: Iron Guild Halloween Iron Pour 2008

Footage of Iron Guild's 2007 Halloween pour at the Steel Yard, with soundtrack by Geoff Mullen and Nicole DiMarco

Fiery infernos, white-hot metal, spooky devil music, and a "pumpkin-flinging trebuchet"  -- surely, this is what Halloween was created for. Furnaces and spectators are officially stoked for the Iron Guild's third Halloween iron pour at the Providence Steel Yard (a DIY-craftsmanship playground where the metalheads play). The Guild's previous Samhain extravaganzas have involved giant glowing iron-winged skulls and molten-metal-filled pumpkins; this year's pour, dubbed "The Guild Kills," promises to be packed with more zombie mayhem than you can shake a freshly harvested brain at.

Also leaping into the sparky fray are local experimental outfits Animal Hospital and Pfefftiffuff, who'll be on hand to supply suitably spine-chilling sounds. Animal Hospital's Kevin Micka will be attaching a contact mic to the Guild's cupola (a furnace that heats up to 3000 degrees Fahrenheit) and weaving the field recordings of liquefying metal into a sound-loop tapestry.

The Steel Yard is at 27 Sims Ave, Providence, Rhode Island | October 31 (rain date November 1) | 7 pm | $5 | 401.273.7101 or //

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