It's the stupid economy

Okay, do we get it yet? Last night, George Bush went on national TV and begged taxpayers to channel $3 trillion to his cronies in the banking industry. While he tried to make it seem as if he was suddenly, if reluctantly, converting to socialism, the ruse was sadly transparent. They robbed us. "They" being the banks, the big corps, and the bazillion middle-men/women who waste space on Wall Street. And don't get me started on the mortgage brokers or other Satan worshippers.

In true free-market tradition, having taken most of our money, they now want the rest. And they own just the president to give it to them.

 Meanwhile, with page 1 devoted to all this government-sponsored larceny, there's a little story buried inside your daily paper today announcing that our allegedly Democratic-controlled House of Representatives passed a $630 billion spending bill that not only showers the Pentagon and the clowns in Homeland Secutiry with cash but bails out the GOP supporters who screwed up the country's auto industry. Absent from this budget, however, were proposed funding plans to extend unemployment benefits, bolster local Medicare budgets, and print more food stamps.

Do you have the picture yet?

And to top things off, that same spending bill also . . . wait for it . . . dropped the ban on offshore oil drilling. So more for them! More for them!




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