Celebrity fart watch: Rob Lowe hates Celtics, loves Hearthrob

TMZ reports that Rob Lowe -- yes, that Rob Lowe -- was spotted in town farting ("loudly"!) to illustrate what he thinks of the Boston Celtics. Good thing this didn't get out the other night. We shudder to think what would happen if Lowe were to make a return visit to the Garden on Sunday (if necessary, natch), and the Celtics faithful were to reply all at once. TMZ failed to report what Lowe's fart actually smells like: a glaring omission, if we do say so ourselves.

Although Lowe farts in Ray Allen's general direction, he apparently has more fragrant thoughts about our fair city's dance-party contingent: Lowe and Superbad's Jonah Hill -- both of whom are in the area to shoot the new Ricky Gervais movie up in Lowell -- dropped by Zuzu before repairing to the Middlesex Lounge on Tuesday night for everyone's favorite best-DJs-in-town confab, Hearthrob. Our spy tells us Lowe was ushered in through the back door, but not before the down-the-block line got a good gander at him. Alas, our spy had to wait another half-hour to make it in, after which he was rendered faceless by Baltimoroder's relentless set, and thereafter forgot to look for the stars. So like everyone else, we're left waiting on the Nicky Digital photos for further elaboration.

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