TV Tonight: Lost (Spoilers?)

We've been waiting about eight months for this. Season three of Lost ended on a note that, as fans of the show might have come to expect, only served to deepen the mystery. You probably know what it was by now, and even if you missed it, ABC re-ran it last night (with "pop-up" facts for people who've never seen the show before.) During tonight's fourth season premiere, we probably won't find out how Jack (and maybe Kate?) plan on getting back to the island. We might not even find out how they got off of it. We probably also won't find out who was in the coffin, who FutureKate's male companion was during her meeting her meeting with FutureJack, if Jack's Dad is really alive, or if Charlie is really dead*.

But there are a few things we expect we will learn. We'll probably find out the identity of those "rescuers." They may or may not be played by some familiar faces, including Jeremy Davies and Lance Reddick (whom you know as Daniels from The Wire.) And if IMDB is to be believed, we can expect to see the return of Harold Perrineau as Michael. But maybe not. We're just hoping this damn strike gets resolved in time for ABC to deliver us the 16 uninterrupted episodes they promised us.

* Yeah, we know. But come on, wouldn't there have been a pocket of air in that room that could have given him the fighting chance he needed to swim to the surface? And wouldn't stranger things have happened on this show?

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