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Street Style: Thunderdome IX

Half of Street Style had heaps of fun at Thunderdome IX with DJ Assault ("The Street Narrator") last Friday at the Greek American Political Club. Although we can't claim to be as handy with our Cannon point-and-shoot as the sartorial X-tine Atturio, we did our best to document our evening out and about in Central Square. Sorry, nobody stopped for an interview--they were all too busy shaking it really hard to "Ass and Titties" the remix--but rest assured. Here's what we didn't capture: tights, not leggings, worn without skirts. Red skinny jeans. Wool hats and headgear, despite the sticky sweat and heat. And, of course, a great deal of plaid. What follows is what we did manage to document, in particular, many, many cool haircuts that magically withstood the venue's escalating humidity. While we look into improving our photography non-skills, please tell us how you like to get dressed for holiday parties. We really want to know.

All photos © Sharon S.

Santa mixed our drinks. Please note the Harry Potter glasses and mustache.

From L to R: We really enjoyed this belt, which kind of looks like it could be made of golden bullets. The metallic purple tights and pink boots and gray dress combo made us want to be this girl's friend.

Center: So! There were a lot of ladies with cute dresses at Thunderdome, but you can never go wrong with black and gray and more black. Also, we just really like how her hair is flying around. This was when the evening was still sort of in high school dance mode.

Required hipster dance footwear, duh! From L to R: Pumas, Chucks, and checkered Vans. Don't they look clean?

Um, not for long. Our boots will never be the same again!

If we were handier with the camera, you would be able to tell that the girl toward the right, in the black shirt, had a haircut exactly like British Fashion Awards' Model of the Year, Agyness Dean! And she had amazing red lipstick on.

An awesome yellow purse. Quirky. We like.

Smile! We just really like this picture.

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