Adam Brody Is Now Available

But really, I'm too emotionally distraught by the news to focus on his single status.

IT'S OVER: The O.C. lovebirds call it quits

Via Gawker's Gossip Roundup, I've just learned that yours and my favorite celeb couple, Adam Brody and Rachel Bilson, are no longer in <3 anymore. Life & Style, Molly Good, and E! Online concur.

E! reporter Kristin Veitch writes: "Now the big question, of course, is what's in store for their O.C. alter egos: Summer and Seth. Sources tell me that back in the day, when Adam and Rachel first started dating, producers told them they'd keep Seth and Summer together forever -- even if the actors ever broke up. So, hey, that's actually good news for Summer and Seth fans, no?"

Well, it would be -- if anyone had the decency to admit that they still care about The O.C. Fools. I know you're still watching.

I think Seth and Summer are this generation's Luke and Laura. A tried-and-true supercouple. Unfortunately, if Alias and One Tree Hill have taught me anything, it's that an on-set romance between two romantically linked characters spell death for the drama. People have speculated (in an off-hand, cas way -- because they don't care, remember?) that The O.C. would never survive after Mischa Barton left the show. That might have driven in the knife. These two splitting, though -- that's what will send The O.C. to its grave. AND NO. IT'S NOT OKAY.

I'll be watching the musical Seth + Summer tributes over on the 'Tube this afternoon as a way to purge my grief. God, that Snow Patrol song totally makes me want to cry. Aaargh.

Meanwhile, Zach Braff is planning his next move. Let's see what you've got, kid.

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