The most excruciating movie moments of 2010 [SPOILERS!]


Maybe I'm getting a little soft, but I can't remember getting the heebie-jeebies as often at the movies as in this past year. Whatever the reason, I figure it's time to honor some of those screen moments that are truly excruciating. And to do so, as my colleague Brett Michel suggested, what better icon than the sliced eyeball in Luis Buñuel and Salvador Dali's "Un Chien Andalou?"

The nominees for this year's "Andalusian Eye" are the following (note: I saw neither "Piranha 3-D" nor "The Human Centipede"):

"127 Hours"


You expect something disgusting from director Danny Boyle -- remember the kid in the shit-filled latrine in "Slumdog Millionaire?" But in this film he outdoes himself. I'll pass on the urine-drinking, the slicing with the dull knife, and the bone breaking and cast my vote for the hideous twang of the snipped ulnar nerve. It even beats out the snapped tibiae  in "Frozen."

"Furry Vengeance"

For those who are nostalgic for such scatalogical assaults as the fecal-coated kid in "Slumdog," never fear. It was a tough call choosing just one abomination in this film, but I'll take the moment when the raccoon pees in Brendan Fraser's mouth over the one in which Fraser gets clobbered by the Porta-Potty.

"The Killer Inside of Me"


I'm torn between the scene in which Casey Affleck's sheriff beats the shit out of the woman played by Jessica Alba or the one in which he beats the shit out of the woman played by Kate Hudson.

"Black Swan"


You'll never pick a hangnail again.

"Trash Humpers"

All of it.


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