Post-Health Care Antichrist round-up


Now that Health Care reform has passed (or has it?), many Republicans are convinced that President Obama is indeed the Antichrist. Even Glenn Beck, who had identified James Cameron back in 2007 (with Cameron recently counterclaiming that Beck was "a fucking asshole") as the Great Beast 666, has recanted.

In a recent Harris Poll, 24% of GOP members said they believed that President might be the Antichrist (as compared to 14% of Americans overall). To be fair, though, 57% also believe he is a Muslim, 45% believe he was not born in the US and therefore is not really President, and 38% believe that he is the return of Adolf Hitler.

But the poll did not investigate how many people believe that James Cameron was the Antichrist, or, for that matter, Glenn Beck.  So I thought it as time once again to  revive my Google Antichrist Poll.

The process, as you recall, is simple: type in the word "antichrist" along with the name of the person being surveyed. For example, if we insert the words "Obama antichrist" the result is:  992,000 hits. Compare that to the last time I got bored and did this last January when the total was 537,000.

Scary, but is it proof? So I linked to one of the sites that came up titled "Is Barack Obama the Antichrist?" from ("the Bible has the answers, we'll find them for you!") and they say "As with many of the powerful people in the world today, the answer to the question, ‘Is Barack Obama the antichrist?' has to be "wait and see."

Okay, fair enough. But I'm not so sure about Cameron and Beck

The results then: Cameron 244,000; Beck 115,000.

Today: Cameron 136,000; Beck 91,500.

In my opinion, too close to call.  And though "Glenn Beck fucking asshole" only gets 31,600 hits, I'm thinking that Cameron might be right on that one.

Checking in again on Scott Brown:

January: 15,900

Today: 54,300!

The spike might be from his breaking with the GOP on the jobs bill. Or maybe a recognition that his "41st vote" doesn't mean jack shit any more when it comes to the Health Care bill.

Finally, a new candidate. Given the ongoing meltdown of his reputation as more details  of his involvement in pedophile priest cover-ups are revealed, how does that traditional candidate for Antichrist, the pope, fare? Only 45,000, as it turns out. Even Brown beats him out. So there, you antipapist heretics!

As for "Peter Keough antichrist," it looks like I might have peaked:

Last time: 7,910. This time: 6,840.

And I don't have the heart to check "Peter Keough fucking asshole."

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