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A cult favorite director finally releases a long awaited cutting edge f/x extravaganza sci-fi/fantasy with a huge budget featuring a giant blue guy as the hero. James Cameron and "Avatar?" Perhaps, but that's also a description of Zack Snyder's "Watchmen," released earlier this year. And if things turn out the same way for Cameron as they did for Snyder than he's got a lot to worry about. "Watchmen" cleaned up the first weekend at the box office piling up $55 million but by the end of the run it only made $107 million domestically, which sounds like a lot but not when you consider it cost an estimated $130 million to make and about the same to market, distribute and promote. "Avatar," on the other hand, cost an estimated $230 million and to break even it will have to take in enough to bail out Lehman Brothers. Or as much as Cameron's previous film, "Titanic."The problem, though, is that, unlike "Titanic," "Avatar" doesn't have any central romance to broaden its appeal beyond the fan boy contingent. I don't see teenaged girls, for example, lining up for repeated visits to ogle a nine foot tall, androgynous, gill-eared,computer generated humanoid the way they did for Leonardo DiCaprio.


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