Noir more than ever

People in the Fenway, where I live, have gotten pretty blasé this fall about big movie crews shooting in the neighborhood. One weekend "The Zookeeper" was shooting late at night a couple of blocks away and it seems every week the helicopters, swat teams, police vehicles and light towers of Ben Affleck's "The Town" have taken over the streets around the ball park. So when I was walking home the other day and saw Kilmarnock St. shut down by "cops" from Peterborough to Queensberry, I thought, here we go again, and looked around for the catering van to see if I could swipe a cookie or a slice of pizza.

Turns out that it wasn't a film crew after all. Two guys in masks robbed the Boston Taxi office of several thousand dollars. One was apprehended, the other is still at large. The guy they caught turns out to be a three time loser out on parole for a life sentence he was supposed to be serving for manslaughter and second degree murder convictions.

Scary. But if you really want to be scared read the bloodthirsty comments following the story reporting the robbery. I.e:

"If we just waste these "types" then we won't have over crowding in the prisons. I'll be there to throw the switch if we need volunteers."


"Clearly Gerald Hill misses rough prison love and that's why he committed this senseless crime."


"He did it so he could a free swine flu shot and you morons want the corrupt democratic goverment to handle your healthcare , sad and sick."


"Lets torture these prisoneers so they will be miserable when they get out (as most do) and murder some poor S.O.B helping us decrease the surface population.
Forget about healthcare because people in crowds like schools and prison get disease's easier deserve to sufer like in the former USSR.
Lets prove what the we call Mideast Terrorist that we are the true SOBS they claim we are. And lets prove to the rest of the world we have NO humanity too."

That'll show them. Actually, I think the last one was putting us on. But I'm sure there a lot of readers out there nodding their heads. 

The dominant concern seems to be that the death penalty should be used to provide more room in prisons for other evil doers,  like the Muslims and Liberals and Democratics.

And this is the "Globe," mind you. I shudder to think what cheerful thoughts the readers at the "Herald" are sharing.

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