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Frank talk

Sometimes the real world offers moments that far transcend in absurdity and black comedy anything that the movies can come up with. Like this snippet of Barney Frank  making an obvious point about the latter day know-nothings who are determined to take down the current administration. Maybe it will encourage the chickenshit news media to tell it like it is, too.

I would like to add that it's a little ironic that these town hall demonstrators against health care reform refer to Obama, liberals and anyone they don't agree with as Nazis. It is, of course, just more of the old right wing ploy of accusing the opposition of those things they are so brazenly guilty of. Needless to say, their tactics are more similar than those of the namby pamby Dems to those tried and true methods that brought Hitler to power back in the old country in the '20s and '30s. Disrupting the meetings of opposition parties, shouting people down, crude and ludicrous caricaturing and, more and more, armed demonstrations and confrontations. All they need are the brown shirts. Hey, if it worked once... As Hermann Göring once said, more or less, "Whenever I hear the words ‘health care reform' I reach for my revolver."

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