Moore mistakes

I don’t want to get an ass whippin’ ala Wolf Blitzer  nor be sued for libel by “Mad” Michael Moore, so let me correct some of the information in the previous posting. Moore’s website denies that he’s going to Tehran. In fact, only his movie “Sicko” is going to the documentary film festival held later this year in the Iranian capital.  The report that Moore himself would be attending, spokesperson Meghan O’Hara says, is an “inaccurate rumour” and an “urban myth right up there with alligators in the sewers of New York.”  “These right wingers,” she concludes, “should be spending their time defending why it is that George W. Bush is commuting the sentence of a convicted felon, rather than propagating this right wing trash.” Point well taken. So in defense of President Bush’s pardon of Libby, I’d argue that it was probably the only way he could buy the weasel’s silence and save Bush and Cheney from a one-way trip to Impeachmentville.

In addition, I suggested that “Sicko” might not be setting records at the box office, and was in fact a disappointment, moneywise. Apparently, though, it’s doing okay, passing the $10 million mark more quickly than “An Inconvenient Truth” did and boasting a per screen average second only to that far more trenchant investigation into the moral and spiritual bankruptcy of corporatized, consumer culture America, “Transformers.” The numbers just aren’t at “Fahrenheit 9/11” levels. So fears of Moore making a romantic comedy are greatly exaggerated.

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