Killing "The Killer Within"

And speaking of censorship,  the Independendent Film Festival of Boston's Sunday screening of Macky Alston’s’s disturbing documentary “The Killer Within”   might have been your last chance to see it. It’s been pulled from release in the wake of the Virginia Tech killings. The story of a mild-mannered septuagenarian psychology professor who suddenly revealed that he not only murdered a fellow student back in 1955 but had planned a campus massacre that would have predated Columbine by decades, it even-handedly and candidly confronts such issues as what causes mass murders and whether such killers are ever amenable to rehabilitation. A “spokesman” told the "London Times” that the film was “too close to the knuckle.” Or too close to the point. By all means don’t let people see something that actually might shed some light on the tragedy.


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