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Review: Brief Interviews With Hideous Men

John Krasinski takes on David Foster Wallace and succeeds
Bleeding admiration for the David Foster Wallace stories on which it’s based, John Krasinski’s directorial debut follows Sara Quinn (Julianne Nicholson) as she interviews men about their sexual proclivities for her master’s thesis.
By JASON O'BRYAN  |  November 05, 2009

Review: Gentlemen Broncos

Jared Hess's latest geek fantasy
Having peaked with his debut, Napoleon Dynamite , Jared Hess has settled into being a family-friendly John Waters — which is redundant, since Waters is already rated PG-13.
By PETER KEOUGH  |  November 04, 2009

Review: Bad Boy Made Good

The revival of George Anthiel's 1924 Ballet méchanique
If Igor Stravinsky’s Sacre du printemps paved the way for modern rock, then George Antheil’s Ballet mécanique made possible every genre of contemporary music with “noise” or “metal” in its name.
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  November 03, 2009

Supersonic youth

Nothing’s gonna stop Deastro now
It’s been a rough couple of months for Randolph Chabot, a/k/a Deastro.
By MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  November 04, 2009

Play by play: November 6, 2009

Boston theater listings, November 6, 2009
Boston's weekly theater listings
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  November 04, 2009

Monsters of rock

Heavenly hardness from Chinese Stars and Six Finger Satellite
Full-lengths from local rock icons Six Finger Satellite and the Chinese Stars provide a decimating double-dose of kinetic madness.
By CHRIS CONTI  |  November 04, 2009

Julian Casablancas | Phrazes for the Young

RCA (2009)
Someday, a great rock film will be made. The opening shot is of a wasted rock star, bejeweled and clad in the finest leather, with white panthers circling the living room of his Parthenon-esque manse as he hits PLAY on a comically large reel-to-reel.
By DANIEL BROCKMAN  |  November 03, 2009

Days of the New

The orchestral stylings of Rustic Overtones 2.0
When drummer Tony McNaboe delivered the burned copy of Rustic Overtones’ new full-length album, he tucked it inside the packaging of the re-released and re-mastered Long Division.
By SAM PFEIFLE  |  November 05, 2009

Review: Michael Jackson's This Is It

Is this it?
The Star Wars –style titles that begin Kenny Ortega’s hastily assembled Michael Jackson tribute documentary explain that the film has been whittled down from 100 hours of behind-the-scenes video shot between last April and June during rehearsals for the King of Pop’s planned 50-date “This Is It” London concert series.
By BRETT MICHEL  |  November 04, 2009

Matias Aguayo | Ay Ay Ay

Kompakt (2009)
You know the old saying: you can lead a horse to dance music, but you can’t make it sign up for a Beatport account.
By MICHAEL BRODEUR  |  November 03, 2009

The Big Hurt: Liam alone

Can an Oasis spinoff help but suck?
Everyone figured that Noel Gallagher would go solo — it’s been hinted at for years — but the break-up of Oasis has made it a grim inevitability.
By DAVID THORPE  |  November 04, 2009

Mystic muso

The erudition of Robert Palmer
“America’s Pre-eminent Music Writer Dead at 52” was the headline on Robert Palmer’s obituary in Rolling Stone after his liver failed in 1997.
By TED DROZDOWSKI  |  November 04, 2009

Interview: Ray Davies

On singing in the choir, his American experience, and who’ll play Dave  
In 1964, the scorching five-chord chorus of “You Really Got Me” changed rock music forever.
By ELIZABETH GEHRMAN  |  November 04, 2009

Nirvana | Live at Reading and Bleach

DGC/Sub Pop (2009)
Here in the Internet Age, we tend to think that we made possible the overnight transformation from blog-buzz baby to arena-rock idol.
By MIKAEL WOOD  |  November 04, 2009

Keep moving!

 Off the Couch
Sharp sounds all over the state

Review: The Men Who Stare at Goats

Bleating hearts tame Goats
Here’s a subject that really could have used a Stanley Kubrick or a John Frankenheimer or a Robert Altman. But are there any great cinematic satirists left, auteurs with the knack for black comedy and cold-blooded irony?
By PETER KEOUGH  |  November 04, 2009

Review: The Fourth Kind

Creepy, but clumsy
If the “actual footage” used in this film is real, then there’s something going on up in Alaska even more frightening than the rise of Sarah Palin.
By DAVID WILDMAN  |  November 04, 2009

Make-believe Main Street

Lifestyle centers create public squares in private places. Can a nation undone by sprawl be saved by the Mall?
WaterFire, bocce, oh my!
By DAVID SCHARFENBERG  |  November 04, 2009

Blind ambition

Brother Ali is more than just albino
The only thing less common than Brother Ali–caliber MCs are profiles that don’t credit dude as “blind” and “albino” in the first graf.
By CHRIS FARAONE  |  November 05, 2009

Review: Disney's A Christmas Carol

State-of-the-art technology allows actors to reach new heights of hamminess
Charles Dickens made a mint with readings of A Christmas Carol , but a century and a half of technological progress has not been kind to the property.
By PETER KEOUGH  |  November 03, 2009

Ye + Haru Bangs + Batshelter

Music Seen
Who was the least idiosyncratic band at Bubba’s last Thursday? Maybe the (not breaking up, but going on academic hiatus) duo Haru Bangs, who were the only act in plainclothes, but who also unfurled dynamic, punishingly loud fits of drum and effects-mauled guitar which will either strike you as utterly alienating or as novel, dizzying bits of well-composed chaos?
By CHRISTOPHER GRAY  |  November 04, 2009

Photos: Snoop Dogg with Method Man and Redman

Snoop Dogg with Method Man and Redman, live at Lupo's, Providence, October 31, 2009
Photos from the Providence stop of Snoop Dogg's Wonderland High School Tour
By RICHARD MCCAFFREY  |  November 02, 2009

Review: The Canyon

The scenery looks nice at least
The Canyon attests to how a first-rate character actor can elevate a poor film to the ranks of the mediocre.
By PETER KEOUGH  |  October 30, 2009

Ghoulish grooves

Off the Couch
Misfits and Sasquatch rock Day of the Dead

Tegan and Sara | Sainthood

Sire (2009)
Tegan and Sara have always been background music for staring wistfully out a coffeeshop window, in a strange city, alone, hung over and/or going on no sleep, wondering what the fuck went wrong.
By BARRY THOMPSON  |  October 28, 2009

Both ears and the tail for this Carmen

Boston Ballet's 'World Passions'
"World Passions," the collection of four works that Boston Ballet opened at the Opera House last night, was more pleasant than passionate until Kathleen Breen Combes sashayed out as the title character in Jorma Elo's Carmen .
By JEFFREY GANTZ  |  October 28, 2009

Mars vs. Venus

Speed-the-Plow; The Taming of the Shrew; A Long and Winding Road
It’s been 21 years since Speed-the-Plow first milked the cravenness of Hollywood and the self-described “whores” who turn its celluloid tricks. But David Mamet’s scathing, staccato comedy has held up at least as well as Madonna, who made her Broadway debut in the original 1988 production.
By CAROLYN CLAY  |  October 28, 2009

Running with the Devil

Making a connection with Brown Bird
The surge of locally-harvested folk/roots/Americana acts flourishing in Rhode Island continues.
By CHRIS CONTI  |  October 29, 2009

The road not taken

 A brief encounter in Trinity’s Shooting Star
Shooting Star , by Steven Deitz, got its title from a Bob Dylan lyric that speaks of poignant regret.
By BILL RODRIGUEZ  |  October 29, 2009

Pints And Blood On A Saturday Night

The undead
The Reverend Al Zombie, organizer of the Providence Zombie Pub Crawl, climbed on the bar at Fatty McGee’s as the event kicked off Saturday night to offer a disclaimer.
By ABIGAIL CROCKER  |  October 28, 2009

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